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Sarah Dolphin, MSW, RSW,
Registered Social Worker/ Psychotherapist


As a registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist, I have practiced in the field of adult mental health for nearly a decade.  Much of my career has been dedicated to psychiatric wellness and rehabilitation, supporting individuals to manage and overcome a vast array of challenges, experiences of psychological distress, and major life transitions.  I maintain a particular passion for perinatal wellness and for the parenting journey itself.  As a mother, I know first-hand the challenges of extreme fatigue, pressures from society to “do it right”, balancing relationships as a new mom, combating mood fluctuations and at times, feeling unable to effectively cope with the day-to-day. 

I firmly believe that the therapeutic relationship we build during our time together is imperative clinical success and positive outcomes. Having an individual share their personal story is incredibly meaningful to me, and I consider it to be a true honour. I see my approach as being integrative, collaborative, and about true connection. I want my clients to feel seen, heard, validated, and understood in whatever they are feeling and experiencing. It is my belief that we are all the experts of our own lives and I aim to help women recognize unique inner resources, allowing you to reach your full potential.  I am passionate about supporting you with challenges relating to major life transitions, role changes and identity exploration, lifestyle adjustments, anxiety and depression, stress, birth trauma, interpersonal and relationship challenges, maladaptive coping strategies or addiction, and/or riding the waves of being a new mom. I know that no single approach is appropriate for everyone, which is why I apply a variety of modalities into my work with individuals to explore thoughts, emotions and behaviors, with a foundation in a client-centered, attachment-based, and holistic framework. I believe that every person has the capacity for growth and development, and together we can work to form goals for you to meet your full potential.

I come to the table with compassion, empathy and earnestness. I believe in the power of mindfulness, grounding, and self-actualization as tools for positive mental health and wellness.

Life continually offers us challenges and oftentimes we need a little support navigating difficulties through major life transitions, like becoming a parent for the first time. If you are a new parent and are feeling overwhelmed, or as if your mood/emotions are getting in the way of being able to function effectively, please know that you are not alone and there are resources available to support you.