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Kim Thompson, MSW, RSW,
Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist


Kim is a clinical social worker and is passionate about supporting individuals and couples who have experienced grief, loss, infertility, birth trauma, miscarriages and stillbirth. Kim has a deep understanding of the impact that these challenges, struggles, changes and transitions can have on a couple and an individual’s mental health, sense of self, relationships and well-being.  Kim works to empower her clients with the skills to generate internal strength, calm, confidence and reduce stress, anxiety, fear and depression.


Kim is here to listen with compassion and without judgment, and will help you gain insight, achieve growth and experience peace and happiness. Her goal is for you to feel supported and heard and she is deeply committed to helping you to develop the tools you need to address your difficulties, to understand yourself more fully, and to live a more fulfilling life.


Kim’s personal experiences with multiple miscarriages and birth trauma ignited a passion and drive to support women and their partners as they navigate their own personal challenges and struggles.  Kim has been practicing as a social worker for over 20 years and has worked with individuals and families in various clinical settings spanning all stages and ages of life. Kim holds specialized training in Infertility Counselling, Birth Trauma and Pediatric Grief & Bereavement.  She sees youth (13+), adults and couples.