Kerri Stone, M. Sc.,Registered Psychotherapist


Kerri is a Registered Psychotherapist, having maintained registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario since 2016. Her integrated educational and career journey in the field of mental health has spanned 20 years beginning with the Child & Youth Care program, and including a degree in Psychology with specialization in Developmental Psychology. In 2018, Kerri completed a Master's of Science degree in Pediatric Psychosocial Care. Prior to entering private practice, Kerri maintained a long-standing career in the social service sector, supporting children, parents, and families along their journey to obtain improved mental wellness.

Kerri shares specialized knowledge and experience in infant mental health and development, including during the perinatal period. She is passionate about enhancing family functioning and helping parents thrive in order to foster optimal developmental trajectories of their young children and nurture healthy parent-infant relationships.

Kerri brings special skills to the development of the therapeutic relationship, focusing on working collaboratively with individuals along their journey transitioning into new roles and integrating these new roles into their already established sense of self. Kerri utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities and a strengths-based approach to support parents with challenges that arise during periods of life transition. Based on identified areas for growth, clients may be supported using frameworks such as CBT, DBT, IPT, and attachment-based therapies. Kerri also holds specialized training in Trauma-Focused CBT.