Every relationship has ups and downs, but whether you are just starting out or have been together for a long time, when life becomes stressful or difficult events occur, the strain may become too much to handle on your own.  Sometimes, a neutral, objective third party may be the best way to help resolve issues that are negatively impacting your relationship. 


Couples seek therapy when they are facing issues such as: unresolved past issues, high conflict, infidelity, differences in values, problems communicating, stress around division of labour, life transitions and many others.  There has been an increase in the number of couples seeking out couples’ counselling early on in their relationships- which many report helps them to overcome hurdles such as communication difficulties. 


In which ways can couples’ counselling help?

  •  Improve communication and listening skills so you can stop having the same arguments over and over

  • Develop skills for building and maintaining a relationship based on mutual respect

  • Improve conflict resolution skills and find a better way to resolve conflict

  • Increase the courage, confidence and trust needed to restore intimacy

  • Provide a neutral space to help you to work through difficult issues or put aside what is preventing you from moving forward

  • Assist you in navigating changing roles and division of labour during major life transitions

  • Assist you in reconnecting if you feel you are drifting apart or are unsure of how to reconnect

  • Work through resentment and built-up frustrations

  • Help you to rekindle the “spark’

If you are experiencing any issues that are affecting your happiness as a couple, you may want to consider how you can begin to work toward having the relationship that you want. If you are both willing to explore your difficulties from a new perspective, couples’ counselling may be effective for you.  By having realistic expectations, you will be able to begin the process of change needed to move forward. 


Many couples are hesitant to try therapy, for various reasons.  Be assured that the goal of couples counselling is NOT to find fault, point fingers, or place blame.  The goal is to create a neutral environment where both of you feel safe enough to explore what is happening in the relationship so that you can reach a deeper understanding that will allow you to meet each other’s needs as well as your own. 

Our experienced couples’ therapists are here to help you navigate life transitions and develop new patterns of interaction- teaching you skills that are vital to restoring and maintaining a healthier relationship.  If you feel you and your partner could benefit from couples’ counselling, give us a call today for more information.