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Are you struggling or feeling overwhelmed with stress in your life and don’t know how to change it?

Do you feel isolated or alone or just not like yourself? 


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Do you feel more anxious or worried than normal?

Has your mood shifted recently?

Do you feel depressed, teary, unmotivated or just not like yourself?

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Clinical Director, Registered Social Worker/Pyschotherapist

The transition to parenthood is exciting, but can also be overwhelming, nerve-wracking or filled with grief, and many mothers feel isolated, exhausted and alone. Caring for children demands physical, mental and emotional energy, and many people feel anxious about their life post-partum and making so many new decisions. If you are a new mother, you may find yourself journeying through dark and unknown places, or you may be looking for support to process what you are going through. As your children grow, the challenges become different, but the demands remain high, and your own mental health and wellbeing can be neglected.  

As moms, we’ve been there- struggling to conceive, unrecognized postpartum anxiety, the desire to do everything “right”, the constant worry about your baby and whether or not what he/she is doing is “normal”, whether or not how you’re feeling is “normal”, how on earth you'll ever get through these years.  Talk therapy is a powerful means for change and psychotherapy can help you to find solutions to the issues you are facing.  By applying a therapeutic approach customized to you and your life, we will work together to help you gain insight, achieve growth and experience happiness. Although formally trained in many different therapeutic approaches, we create a warm, supportive environment, using approaches that are the best fit for you, with a focus on giving you what you need. We work with women and their partners in all phases of life, with a strong focus on the fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and parenting periods, and have received extensive Maternal Mental Health training and certification from Postpartum Support International in Perinatal Mental Health.    

We recognize that families are built in many ways and welcome any and all families!  Babies are always welcome.

 Tele-Therapy Available! 



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Services are provided through secure online video-conferencing or by telephone to anyone in Ontario.



Located in and available to provide tele-therapy services to anyone who lives in Ontario.

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